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Northwest Iowa Local Workforce Development Board Members

Name: Gail Buchholtz

Organization: Sibley State Bank

Title: President & CEO


Name: Carrie Turnquist

Organization: Buena Vista Regional Health Center

Title: Director of Human Resources 


Name: Michael Carlson

Organization: Spencer Municipal Utilities 

Title: Asst. General Manager


Name: Timothy Kinnetz

Organization: Grapetree Medical Staffing LLC

Title: Managing Director


Name: Kristin Hanson

Organization: Iowa Lakes Electric Company

Title: Manager of Human Resoures 


Name: Mindy Nasers

Organization: Grace Boutique

Title: Owner


Name: Gregory VerSteeg

Organization: Diversified Technologies Inc.

Title: V.P. Sales and Marketing


Name: Rhonda Jager-Pippy

Organization: Northwest Iowa Counseling Associates

Title: Owner/Social Worker


Name: Sarah Ranschau

Organization: Cooperative Farmers Elevator

Title: Human Resources Director


Name: Nicole Roder

Organization: Rock Valley Community School District

Title: High School Principal


Name: James Rotert

Organization: School Administrators of Iowa 

Title: Principal


Name: Shane Peterson

Organization: Iowa State Education Association

Title: Educator


Name: Benjamin VanDonge

Organization: Interstates Construction Services, Inc. 

Title: Development and Training Manager


Name: Steve McCauley

Organization: Iowa Lakes Community College

Title: Adult Education Progammer


Name: Jason Anderson

Organization: Northwest Iowa Community College

Title: Director of Workforce and Economic Development


Name: Stephanie Neppl

Organization: Osceola County Economic Development Commission

Title: Executive Director


Name: Carly Caravan

Organization: Iowa Workforce Development

Title: Operations Manager


Name: Lori Kolbeck

Organization: Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services 

Title: Supervisor


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